The class has provided us with an opportunity to exercise together, in a group covering all ages, helping us to retain the flexibility needed in later years, maintain a good posture, and gently raise our fitness level.

Raymond Brookes, Mid 70's, Blackheath

A great start to the day. Helps me hugely with posture. Keeps me flexible by stretching and using muscles that need more work as they are not often exercised.  I have never completed a session feeling drained, on the contrary, I'm ready for a day ahead with a positive attitude.

Richard Abbs, 44, Lee

I have been working with Pat since May 2014 on one-to-one sessions. The sessions are always interesting and challenging. As we progress they become more taxing as Pat looks to increase my workload and develop my flexibility.

When we first met, we discussed what I hoped to gain out of the exercising and Pat also asked me whether I had any medical issues. I mentioned to Pat that I'd had problems in the past with my lower back and my left knee and he designed a particular exercise programme for me to follow to assist in strengthening these problem areas. Following my knee arthroscopy operation, he was instrumental in encouraging me and keeping me going with lighter exercises to begin with as he greatly assisted in my full recuperation. Pat also came up with some suggestions for types of foods to try and concentrate on and particular items to cut back on, which again was very informative and helpful.

The last nine months or so I have been regularly attending a weekly 60 minute exercise group that Pat runs, along with about six other hardy regulars, which he always makes enjoyable and educational and covers people with various degrees of flexibility. Pat always strives for the individual to keep improving, but manages to achieve the right blend of encouragement and humour so that the experience is always worthwhile.

I wish that I had been involved in these classes years ago as they have definitely helped me with my back problems.

Stewart Lane, 58, Hither Green

I've suffered with hip problems for a while now but since working with Pat (both in class, and following the exercises at home) my hip is drastically better, and with options of progressions in all exercises and Pat's ability to adapt any of the exercises to suit my personal needs, I'm confident that my injury will continue to improve.

My posture has greatly improved and I have learnt the best ways of performing various exercises (such as squats) to ensure there is no damage when attempting them at home.
I greatly enjoy working with Pat, in particular his personal and friendly approach, and the way in which each session evolves and progresses from the previous one means working out is never boring!

I have definitely benefitted from working with Pat and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Emma Fitz, 25, Hither Green