When Is Enough Enough?

Looking around the fitness industry it seems to me that there is an impatience to progress quicker and quicker.  I think we need to assess where we are at now. I would not be arrogant enough to believe there are many international class athletes reading this article so I will assume most people that are have more modest fitness ambitions.

As discussed in previous strength and conditioning work is beneficial. How much? For me I would say three all-body workouts a week is ideal. If you have a busy lifestyle then two will work.

I think it really helps if you have a hobby or pastime for which this type of training would be beneficial e.g. soccer, rugby, netball, recreational athletics. It kind of helps quantify how your training is going.

As far as strength and conditioning goes an All-body workout consists of:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Squat
  • Hinge
  • Waist
  • Weighted Carry

A couple of sets of each exercise. I would start LIGHT. We need to establish correct technique. Even you stronger trainers could do with a re-assessment of technique and give the Central Nervous

System a break. Increase the resistance by a little on only ONE set each workout. If you do it for long enough a Little becomes a LOT!!

Look most people are put off conditioning by their visions or experience of how hard it is. I would say be patient and enjoy the journey. Correct technique will reduce the risk of injury. Get a comfortable breathing rhythm. These processes will help.

Most of us are not Olympic athletes so I'm not really a big fan of Olympic lifts for recreational trainers (I think kettlebell swings or medicine ball slams would tick this box for most of us with regard to explosive lifting). Keep your exercises simple e.g. Push – Press-up, Hinge  - Bridge.

A sensible strength and conditioning routine will improve your life (the benefits are well documented). If as a consequence of this regime you are feeling tired all the time then cut back on sets or sessions until you find an appropriate level. Take a few weeks at this level and then start trying to add a bit of resistance. It really doesn't matter how much as long as its more than the previous session.

Look the above sessions are not for next model photo-shoot or the World's Strongest Man championship. Its for the ordinary citizen who wants to feel a little better about himself. Who wants to walk a little taller, feel their clothes fit better and perform their hobbies or pastimes a little better. This is for a long life journey not for a beach body workout.